Thursday, July 15, 2004

Vedic Astrologers Directory

Today I created databases in Lal Kitab and KP System discussion groups. I think it will prove useful for finding expert astrologers in your locality. If you are either Lal Kitab or KP astrologer, you can get yourself registered in the directory. Here are the links -

Lal Kitab astrologers directory - for Lal Kitab astrologers

KP astrologers directory - for KP System astrologers

Remember that both of these databases are accessible only to group members. So you will have to become group member in order to get yourself registered.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Lal Kitab Aspects

What is difference between 100% and 7th aspect

I had not long written any post for this blog. So I decided to revive this blog with my aspect posting in Lal Kitab group. I hope it will be useful for learners of Lal Kitab. Here is my answer -

Every planet can aspect 7th from it's house. Also there is 100% aspect which is applicable only in case of 1st to 7th house and 4th to 10th house. IMO 100% aspect is given precedence over 7th aspect of planets.

In case of 100% aspect -

1. We will take the result as complete mix of both the planets in aspected house.
2. If the aspecting planet is giving good result in the house occupied, it will give bad results for aspected house. But this good or bad effect will be applicable only to the relative signified by aspected planet.

In case of 7th aspect -
1. It will not be a complete mix but it will be seen as a location shift for aspecting planet.
2. Again the aspecting planet will give the result as it is situated in aspected house for the aspected planet.

More details can be found under the heading of "Graha Drishti" in Lal Kitab. As few examples are already there, I din't find it useful to repeat them here.