Friday, February 29, 2008

Finding Correct Latitude And Longitude of a Place

In astrology, latitude and longitude of a place is required to cast a birth chart. Without accurate coordinates of the place, it is not possible to get correct birth chart. Traditional way of finding latitude and longitude is looking up tables available in various books and ephemeris. Now a days there are also some online directory and latitude/ longitude database that can be used for finding latitude and longitude of a place. These are few of the websites which are very useful in finding correct latitude and longitude of a place -

(Shared by Shri KP Naidu on KP System Yahoo group.)
(Shared by Shri Sunaparantha on KP System Yahoo group)

Google Earth software is also useful software for finding precise longitude and latitude. It is freely available for download from Google, just search "Google Earth".


  1. So according to what you said is what most astrologers say.

    So assume if I want to know my longitude & latitude, should I look for the details (longitude & latitude) of the city in which I was born OR should I find out the longitude & latitude for the hospital where I was born in order to be more precise ?

    Secondly, I managed to get my longitude & latitude for the hospital where I was born through google earth and it is as follows:

    20º16`40.84"S 57º28'34.45"E

    Now my problem is that how am I going to interpret that ? I mean which one is longitude and latitude ?

    Also, which is referred as "min" and "sec" ?

    I would appreciate if you could answer me.
    Thanks, & take care.


  2. For the astrological purpose, latitude and longitude for a city are good enough. Though if you can detail of the hospital, there is no harm. There are some systems in astrology which requires better precision.

    Latitude is measured in north/ south. Longitude is measured in east/ west. So in your case, first figure is of latitude and the second one is longitude.

    Longitude and latitude is measured in circular form and it uses the same unit that is used to measure angle in a circle of 360 degree. Refer highschool text book for more information. To take example of your latitude of 20º16`40.84"S, 20 is the degree, 16 is the minute, 40.84 is the second, "S" is the southern direction.

    Hope it helps.

  3. Thanks punit ji for replying that quick. Appreciate that.

    Actually I already knew the answer related about which one is longitude and latitude but I wanted to be more convinced from a learned one though.

    p.s I am a comp. engineering student learning about astrology (vedic) in my free time as this is what fasinates and intrigues me. This subject is a passion for me and I am completely amateur in this field.


  4. hi sir mera naam surender hai main pauri garhwal teh. dhumakot village digoli khal utdia taala maine paida hua tha 7 ooct 1984 mujhe apne birth place ka lattiude and longitute janna hai pl batiya