Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Destiny, Free-Will and Purpose of Astrology

People ask this question again and again - what is the ratio of free will against destiny? How much of our life we can control? This is a question that has been asked to me at least a thousand times, so I think that it is a good material for this blog. Astrologers are divided on this subject. Though my answer is very clear that everything is predetermined and nothing can be changed. When I say this the next question, always, is - what the purpose of astrology is, if everything is predetermined? This is an important question and here is my answer.

The word Jyotisha is a combination of two words - Jyoti (light) and Isha (God). Literally speaking, Jyotisha means the light of god. You know why it is called so? It is called so because it is also a tool of self realization similar to other popular ways (marga) like Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raj Yoga, Jnana Yoga etc. If you will deeply observe all these yogas, the objective is to end 'I' – the ego, the self. In Jnana Yoga it is done by constantly remembering that you are the God and there exists no duality... there is no 'I'. That's why Jnana Yogis keep chanting 'Aham Brahamsmi'. While in Bhakti Yoga, you need to dissolve yourself in God through complete surrender, which results in the end of ego. Hence duality dissolves with the ego in this path too. Similarly in Raja Yoga, this objective is achieved through meditation and other techniques. When you practice all these techniques your consciousness starts increasing and a time comes when your consciousness encompasses whole universe, and as a result of this there remains only one consciousness – the consciousness of entire existence and again the individual ego dissolves in this cosmic consciousness.

Similarly, by practicing Jyotisha, an astrologer keeps remembering the fact that everything is predetermined and it keeps hurting the ego or the 'I'. It is because the ego can exist only as a doer, if you understand that nothing can be done by ego, it evaporates at that very moment. At one stage with the accuracy of astrological predictions, astrologer understands that ego is simply a mirage and it is just like a veil on the pure consciousness and this is the point of self-realization. So Jyotisha is the door to self-realization and that is the purpose of astrology.


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Nice blog. I wonder if everything is predetermined, why some astrologers suggest wearing certain stones. Do you think they help at all?

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM

    because its pre determines that u need to wear the stone...

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    It is holding an umbrella when it is raining. We cannot stop rain from falling. Similary wearing genuine gem stone will work as an umbrella to the suffering. Since time immemorial people are wearing gem stones.

  4. greetings acharya ji. my name is jyoti. i really liked your blog.since my teenage i was intrested in astrology. today i collect as much information as possible. your blog exactly tells what i thought about astrology. vedic astrology is unique and it MUST!!! benifit the masses. sooner the better. best of luck.

  5. Anonymous3:13 AM

    if there is nothing like free will wat is the role of karma theory...then why would a person do good deeds..people can become ruthless and bad and start hurting each other ... they say as u sow so shall u reap...yes i agree that things ar predetermined and nothing can b changed,as no 1 can change ur destiny but only if u surrender completely to god and ask truly to come and help u then u will see miracles happening

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Namaskar acharya ji,I fully endorse your point of view that so called pseudo astrologers are exploiting the society.
    Because of our weak attitude these people emotionally blackmail innocent or simple human beings.

    What is that one simple question or mean by which these innocent people can distingusih between a genuine astrologer and so called pseudos which are there to exploit society.

    if you have that kala , then help the society by putting it as reply.



  7. One more thing, panditji :).

    Lord Krishna even in the Bhagavad Gita says it very very clearly. "You have a right to action, but not to the fruits thereof ". It gels exactly with what Sage Vasistha says to Rama.Where is the confusion here ?

    Ofcourse, you have the choices that you can exercise. I can try and conceive a baby to further my family. That is purely my "choice", but whether it yields fruit or not depends on what your "karmas" are. They are nothing but the results of your past self-efforts ( whether good or bad). It is likely that you may have been a Dr. aborting kids all your life, so in this life you never conceive one !!!

    On the other hand, if your "karmas" are non-detracting, then you may freely expand your family. However, if you don't exercise your free choice to concieve a family you will never have a family at all. That is what your own will is. The outcome like Lord Krishna says, is not in your hand :), but the action is.

    I may agree with a point, that sometimes prior karmas are so "heavy", that they may constrain you from "right action". Therein lies remedial measures which can show you the right path.

    Astrology is indicative of the storehouse of your karmas, and the likelihood of events happening in various aspects of life. So if you find that there is considerable malefic influence on the "relationship" aspect of the 7th house, then the karmas are so "heavy" there that the likelihood of breakages and frustrations in that aspect are very high, and any amount of exercise of free will/choice may prove frustrating. You may try your level best to patch up your relation but nothing might seem to work. On the other hand, your neighbours family might be flourishing. Both of them exercised free will/choice and set up a family with similar intentions. In one instance it worked, and in the other there were hurdles.

    While people have great certifications and great lineage I find it hard to believe that they have difficulty grasping simplest of concepts and thereby disseminate wrong knowledge thus leading the masses towards more ignorance !!!

    You will be doing a service to humanity by allowing this post "unaltered".