Thursday, February 27, 2020


Amazing Kundli Software for modern digital-age astrologers
AstroSage, world’s number one astrology portal, has brought one of the greatest gifts for budding and experienced astrologers alike. Infusing advanced technology and ancient astrology systems, AstroSage has introduced its latest featuring software, “AstroSage Dhruv Astro Software”.


AstroSage Dhruv Astro Software has figured out the answer to all troubles of astrologers with its comprehensive features while offering a detailed insight into the world of astrology for common users. This software enables astrologers as well as astrology students and teachers to offer the best consultation to their clients. With unlimited kundli storage, attractive layout, detailed personalized predictions and huge discounts on astrology products and services, this software acts as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Here are some comments from renowned astrologers who got benefited from this software and loved the experience:
qotesUsing AstroSage Dhruv Astro Software has really helped me assemble my collection of kundlis from years. Even after my laptop breaking down and not functioning at all, I could still find it intact in the software after I downloaded it again. That really helped me stay in the loop with all my clients without verifying their birth details again and again. Thanks AstroSage! quotes
Astrologer Mragaank
qotes AstroSage Dhruv Astro Software is easily accessible, ready to use and very comprehensive when it comes to managing my astrology notes and charts. Also, by letting me add my contact details in the footer of every page, this app has helped me create my presence in the astrology world and reach out to millions. Well recommended software! quotes
Astrologer Yogesh Darira


Dhruv Astro Software: What’s Special?

What makes AstroSage Dhruv Astro Software different from all the other astrology software in the market are these all-inclusive features that are hard to find in any other software.
kundli200+ Detailed Kundli Now In Color Precise and accurate life predictions in an attractive layout.
contact-detailsAstrologer's Contact Details On Every Page Of Astrology Report Providing predictions using a software while creating your own brand name has its own perks!
data-securityAdvanced Data Security Your notes, worksheets and birth charts are always safe even if your mobile or computer breaks down.
consultationUse Software From Any Device - Android, iPhone, Windows No more time boundation, as getting life predictions and consultation becomes easy!
cloudSave Unlimited Charts on Cloud Storage Now your storage capacity isn’t limited to some charts!
free-adsAds Free No more ads to cover your screen!
discount10% Discount on Services Enjoy exclusive discounts on astrology services.
free-shippingFree Shipping On Products Free Pan-India shipping on Astrology Products.
With Dhruv Cloud Software, astrologers can now create unlimited birth charts, save details and offer accurate life predictions based on numerous systems of astrology such as KP, Numerology, Lal Kitab, Cuspal Interlinks and much more. Also, the feature of adding contact details at the bottom of every page gives an add-on advantage to the astrologers when it comes to establishing their name and reaching out to the masses.

Giving out Panchang details, Dasha based predictions, Raj Yoga details, information about Lal Kitab Ancestral Debts and Lal Kitab Teva is just one click away with Dhruv Cloud Software. Whether you want to know your Ishta Devta, favourable Gemstone, Yantra or Jadi, AstroSage Dhruv Cloud Software is here to offer you a detailed insight. Its automatic DST or Daylight Saving Time correction system has helped several astrologers cast accurate kundlis within no time!

AstroSage Dhruv Cloud Software not only offers you easy access to your notes and worksheets, it also provides a colored layout for quick understanding, which no other software has ever offered. Even after mobile or computer breakdown or change, your notes and worksheets will remain safe in cloud storage, which is a real blessing in disguise. 

Why wait when you can get access to all these features in one click?
Buy Now and get rid of all your troubles!

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