Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Astrologer's Quick Thought of the Day

Ketu in 7th house shows some happening (mostly negative) related to marriage. If the 12th house is also involved, it shows non-conformist marriage.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Astrologer's Quick Thought

An average astrologer needs at least one full day to analyze one full horoscope and come up with 10-20 verification points.

What I mean by average astrologer is an astrologer with around 10-20 years of experience and average mental level like me. I wanted to make this point just because people think that astrologers are "trikaal-darshi (can see past, present and future at any time)" that is not true. Don't pay any astrologer hefty of fees for 30 minutes or an hour appointments especially for analyzing and verifying full horoscope. Remedies suggestion as per Lal Kitab and timing event as per KP is possible in that time period.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Astrology Books and Authors for beginners

When any student of astrology starts digging the subject a little deeper, the difficult question arises - which books and authors one should read? You will
find yourself in ocean of books where you have to find perfect match to your aptitude and requirements. There are translation of treatise from various sages, there are commentaries, there are books on various systems of vedic astrology and various other books. Confusion, confusion and more confusion !!!

There are books and authors which can destroy your learning altogether. For
example read Naryan Dutt Shrimali, infamous Indian astrologer, and I can assure you, you will forget whatever you have learnt in the past :-) So choosing right books and authors is very important for your astrology learning. Here I am presenting a list of authors who can help you in learning astrology. I am not presenting a list of books as it will be a big list in itself, there are many good books which suits different aptitude and taste. Here is the list and I tried to rank them according to the utility for the beginner -
  1. J.N. Bhasin, Books published mostly form Ranjan Publications, Good books are: Janampatri Swayam Banaiye, Art of Prediction, Sapta Rishi Nadi, Uttar Kalamrita

  2. K.S. Krishnamurti, Books published mostly from Krishnamurti Publications, Good book is Fundamental Principles of Astrology

  3. Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Books published mostly from Motilal-Banarasidas
    & UPSBD, Good books are: Horary Astrology, How to Judge the
    Horoscope - part II.

  4. Major Khot, Books published mostly from Motilal-Banarasidas, Good books are: Laghu-Parashari Siddhanta

  5. K.N. Rao, Books published mostly by Vani Graphics, Good book is:
    Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time.

  6. K.H.N. Katve, Books published by Nagpur Prakashan, Good books are: books in 25 books series.

I have chosen above authors due to their methodological approach and clear-cut presentation.
There are few other authors that one should not (or never) read. Here is the list -
  • Narayan Dutt Shrimali

  • Rajesh Dixit

  • Bhojraj Dwivedi

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Reading Horoscope Like a Novel

I am practicing astrology over a decade now. But still it looks that I don't know much about astrology. Astrology is an infinite ocean of wisdom and we play with few drops only. I have experimented a lot with KP system. KP is a wonderful system but it has it's own limitations. The biggest limitation is the lack of research on this branch. Shri K.S. Krishnamurti, the originator of this system, developed few formulae in natal and horary astrology. I have found them around 90% correct, probably more than any branch of astrology. But those are limited. You can time events with amazing accuracy and you can answer certain queries with tremendous precision, but the research is not there on other part. It lots depend on vedic astrology for predicting events. I firmly believe a good astrologer can read a horoscope like a novel. I am far from that and :-( and I have not seen such an astrologer in my life. But take the

example of Bhrigu Samhita and Nadi. You will find nearly everything in the life of native is traced from going through horoscope. Bhrigu Samhita and Nadi are based on nothing but vedic astrology principles. I found that reverse engineering of horoscopes given in Bhrigu Samhita & Nadi is possible with normal level of vedic astrology knowledge. But forward engineering is not as easy. It is the problem with astrology itself. You can justify the past events very well seeing the horoscope but it is not easy to foretell the future events.

I firmly believe that those principles are lying with us here only. Those are nothing special, just we have to understand them. If one can master the principles given in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra (BPHS in short), we can predict at least few events if not all very accurately. Oh, I am telling nothing great... uhum???? yes, but I think, we have to study BPHS from new angle this time. We can get a lot of things out of this. Hoping to get comments from all learned reader of this website.

Ho Ho Ho, you were expecting some tips from me, and what you got is a suggestion to read BPHS that you were already knowing? But don't worry and stay tuned with this website, it is my introductory post. You will definately see some interesting and informative articles in future.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Introduction to KP Horary

I found some introductory text on KP horary while surfing the web. As it is difficult to find anything related to KP Horary on the net, it can give you atleast some basic idea of KP Horary.

Click here to go to the page.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Lack of Astrological Resources

I tried (in fact, tried very hard) to find some websites on astrology which can help serious student of astrology as well as provide some genuine information related to astrology. But as you might guess - without any success. We all know that the present world is full of hoax information related to vedic astrology. I find it extremely difficult to find genuine and reliable information on this subject on Internet. For example it is difficult to find any website pertaining to KP, Lal Kitab, Jaimini, Mundane, Varshaphal, Ashtakvarga on any other branch of vedic astrology. Forget about the genuine or false information, it is difficult to find information at all. Seeing the unavailability of resources on Internet, few years back, I started few discussion groups on yahoogroups. In those groups, my Lal Kitab and KP Astrology group has especially gained a lot of popularity. These groups are still the only source to understand these braches of astrology on Internet. Seeing the success of my technology blogs, I decided to try this concept with astrology too. I hope this blog will be able to bring genuine information to you.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

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