Sunday, October 29, 2017

AstroSage Kundli App Is Now Available In Telugu, Kannada, Marathi & Gujarati

ಕನ್ನಡ, తెలుగు, मराठी, ગુજરાતી: With 4 new languages introduced, AstroSage Kundli app is now available in 8 accessible languages for users.

Known as India’s No.1 Kundli Software, AstroSage Kundli is leaving no stones unturned in enhancing user experience to its fullest. From providing well-evaluated birth-charts to matching horoscopes for marriage prospects, you can find everything here with a single tap in different languages as per your convenience!

हिंदी पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

The app was available in 4 languages, i.e. Hindi, English, Tamil and Bengali. Taking another step forward, four more languages in their Beta versions have been introduced. Users can now access AstroSage Kundli app in Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and Gujarati as well.

Additionally, we are working extensively hard to introduce several other languages into the zone, so another add-on would be soon welcomed.

Get AstroSage Kundli in your own language!

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Friday, July 01, 2016

First 360 degree video in Hindi - Watch Now

I am pleased to share with you that we have made an amazing 360 degree video for you. This 360 video would probably be the first 360 video in Hindi.

What is 360 Video 
A 360 video gives you view of the complete location. While watching, especially with VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, it appears that you are part of the scene. If you watch 360 videos from mobile, you can just move your mobile left, right, up, down and get the complete scene. If you are watching the video from desktops / laptops, you can drag left, right, up, down to see the complete scene.

First 360 Video in Hindi
AstroSage is known for innovation and embracing new technologies. We pioneered mobile technology and developed first astrology software for mobile phones in year 2001. In 2004, we created Astrology Cloud software, which was again first of its kind. Throughout these years we continued our innovation and we are proud that we have released first ever 360 video in Hindi today.

Here is the video -

If you prefer watching on Facebook instead of YouTube, here is the FB link -

360 videos are new technology under virtual reality / augmented reality which is extensively pushed by Google, Samsung & Facebook. I hope you will enjoy watching first 360 video.

Though you can watch 360 videos on mobile by moving it, and on latptop/ desktop by dragging, but these videos are best seen with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google

Monday, June 20, 2016

Amazing New AstroSage Kundli is here for the delight of astrology & horoscope lovers

I am extremely happy to announce version 7.0 of our Android app - AstroSage Kundli. We have completely rewritten the UI and made it more user friendly. I am proud to say that it is undoubtedly the most "beautiful" & "user friendly" AstroSage Kundli ever.

Download AstroSage Kundli 7.0 Now!

AstroSage Kundli 7.0 is the total transformation of the world’s most loved astrology app. The new multi-tab look will help you navigate faster along with a refreshing experience. You can see in the below given screenshots how attractive does it look now:

In this version, we have also added the fast options to buy reports or products; as you may see in the below given screenshots. Also, these products are available at the best price with the kind of service that suits your comfort level.

As you know already that the app is available in 4 languages as of now that are Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and English; you will enjoy these updates in all of these languages of this astrology app for Android.

Do you know what is the best part? It is still 100% free with all such amazing features. Experience the new AstroSage Kundli 7 for Android and share your feedback with us. 

Download AstroSage Kundli 7.0 Now!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thank You For Making No. 1 Globally

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to thank you a million times for making us number 1 in the world of astrology. We always worked very hard and today we are happy that we received this gift from you. I am glad to share that with all the love you showered on us, became No.1 astrology website as per Alexa.

We were already No. 1 in India, so no.1 global position is another landmark. We promise that we will not stop here and deliver next level of innovation to you in coming period.

Thank you so much again.

With lots of love,
Punit Pandey
(Founder & CEO)

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

AstroSage Kundli Version 6.0 With Huge Improvements Released

New Features: Yogini Dasha, Char Dasha, Maitri, Automatic DST Correction, Baby Name Suggestion, Shad Bala, Karakamsa, Western Aspects 

AstroSage Kundli Android App has rolled out its new wonderful upgrade. Version 6.0 has come up with some mind blowing features.

AstroSage Kundli 6.0 is a major release, which has:

  • New Dashas: Yogini Dasha & Jaimini Char Dasha
  • Many new calculations: Shad Bala, Bhavabala, Karakamsa, Swansha, Prastarashtakvarga, Western Aspects, Aspects on KP cusps, etc.
  • Automatic DST correction
  • Predictions: Nakshatra Report, Moon Sign (Vedic & Western), etc.
  • Maitri: Naisargik, Tatkalik & Panchadha (Five-fold) Friendship
  • Ad free option for AstroSage Cloud Paid Plan
  • Baby Names Report
  • and much more

This is just a trailer. Check out our new version to know what more is there to surprise you.

Bhava Madhya

Prastar Ashtakavarga
Char Dasha

Baby Names
Yogini Dasha


In this release, the app is upgraded majorly with the features of Jaimini astrology. Some of the features for KP and Western Astrology have also been added.

For those who need predictions, the new version carries good content. Check it out yourself.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hindu Calendar, Muhurat, Hora, Choghadia, Rahu Kaal in AstroSage Kundli app now

For the last 6 months, we are working extensively on Panchang and Muhurat section in AstroSage Kundli app. We are thrilled to announce that it is now released with our latest update in this auspicious time of Navratri. Here are some of the highlights of this change:

  • Daily Panchang (Tithi, Var, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan)
  • Hindu Purnimant and Amavasyant Calendar option
  • Vikram Samvat, Kali Samvat, and Shaka Samvat
  • Various Muhurats like Abhijit, Kantak, Yamaghant, Kulika, Kaal Vela, etc.
  • Disha Shoola to know which direction is not good for travel
  • Chandra Bala and Tara Bala
  • Various Sun and Moon related calculations part of Hindu Calendar
  • Hora Muhurat with information and what can be done in that Hora
  • Choghadiya to know which is auspicious time and which is not

Panchang and Hindu Calendar 
Hora Muhurat 
Choghadiya Muhurat

Panchang for every place is different primarily due to change in Sunrise, Moonrise, Sunset, and Moonset time of that locality. In the absence of an accurate software, people have to use Panchang for nearby places like Delhi, Chennai, or Ujjain to know their fasts, festivals, and Muhurats, which is not accurate. AstroSage Kundli App supports GPS, so you can know Panchang for the exact place where you are standing. 

Similarly my friends in foreign countries like USA, UK & Australia has to struggle more to find correct time for various muhurats, fast and festivals. Generally people mistakenly follow Indian Panchang which gives incorrect results.

I hope with this release of AstroSage Kundli, such problems will be solved once for all. Please use the app and share your feedback.

Download FREE AstroSage Kundli Android App Now

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

AstroSage Worksheet, next generation astrology software, is available now

I am happy to announce a revolutionary new astrology software tool - AstroSage Worksheet. With AstroSage Worksheet, an astrologer can design his/ her own layout using drag-and-drop method. An astrologer can decide what exactly s/he wants to see and where exactly to see. This extremely customization worksheet will change the way astrologers use AstroSage Cloud. This video explains AstroSage Worksheet -

Key Features

  • Design your own screen
  • Pluggable Widgets for customized layout
  • See what you want to see
  • Drag and drop to arrange widgets
  • Large number of tables and charts widgets available 
  • Charts for North India as well as South India
  • Available in 2 languages - English & Hindi

How To Use AstroSage Worksheet?

It is very very simple! All you need is to first create a Kundali or Log In at AstroSage; and then click on the Worksheet button given at the corner. Your worksheet will open.

Fabulous Features In Detail

AstroSage’s Worksheet comes with the below given features:
  1. Multiple Chart View: Yes, on one page, you may see all types of charts. 
  2. Modifiable Workspace: Easily adjust your worksheet by just dragging and dropping the charts or tables or anything that you want to see on your worksheet.
  3. Save Kundalis: Save all the Kundalis, charts, and other work done.
  4. English & Hindi Language: See your worksheet in both of these languages.
  5. North & South India Charts: Both of these charts are available.
  6. Automatically Saves Worksheet: Your customized worksheet will be saved as per your last edit and you can see it whenever you Log In the next time
  7. Mixed View: You may put all you want in your worksheet. From charts to tables to everything that you want to see on your one space!
All you need is to click on the ‘Add Box’ button at the top right corner and a new box will be added to your worksheet. Further, you may choose from the options what you want to put in that box.

As soon as you click on the options button, you will see a pop-up containing options for the 10 types of charts, 18 types of tables, and 14 types of Vargas. Choose anything you want to see in your box. We have not stopped here, more is being added to the list to give you a huge platter of options.

AstroSage Worksheet In Hindi!

This is how your worksheet will look if you have chosen Hindi language for our Free Kundali software.

It is a fabulous treat for astrologers as well as astrology students. Also, those who know a little bit of astrology or want to learn it, AstroSage’s Worksheet is the easiest way to practice and analyze. 

Why Is It Amazing?

  1. Now, you don’t need to swap onto various pages and links to view different charts.
  2. Stop filling forms again and again to create different Kundalis.
  3. You needn’t note down everything anywhere.
  4. If you know English or Hindi, you don’t need a translator as well.
  5. You needn’t waste your time exploring so many pages for one Kundali.
AstroSage is world’s #1 astrology portal, which owns the first astrology cloud software. This software is the first one which runs on desktop as well as mobile efficiently. The Kundali software of AstroSage is used by lakhs of astrologers everyday. Hence, we understand what astrologers need. When it comes on astrological automation, AstroSage has no competition. We provide the cutting edge technology to the world astrology. AstroSage Worksheet is another step taken by AstroSage to assist the astrologers of the world.

All you need is to work like a Boss, with AstroSage’s Worksheet in your service, Your Majesty!

Friday, January 03, 2014

AstroSage Kundli App for Windows Phone is now availalbe

For all Windows mobile users, AstroSage’s come up with a special New Year’s gift - free “AstroSage Kundli” app for Nokia & Windows mobile phones. AstroSage’s Kundli application is now available for Windows Mobile users in Windows store for FREE! We are much thrilled and excited to bring to the market this very first astrology app for all the Windows users out there. Be the first one to get this app at the Windows store for FREE! 

Windows Phone Kundli AppAstroSage is here with new year gift for astrology lovers. AstroSage’s free astrology app - ‘AstroSage Kundli’, which has broken all the records in the Android and iPhone markets is now available for all the Windows users. Afterall, it is not fair to let only the Android and iPhone users have all the fun. It’s now time for you proud Windows users to get your hands on this amazing AstroSage Kundli app, which is available for FREE. 

AstroSage’s Windows app - “AstroSage Kundli” is out as a result of all the interest shown in AstroSage by our sincere followers. After having a spectacular success in the Android and iPhone market, the only perfect place to make our mark next was Windows. So, here we are with this amazing astrology app. So, why wait? Be the first one to download this FREE ‘AstroSage Kundli’ app for Windows at the Windows store.

Click here to get it started - AstroSage Kundli

Below available screenshots will give you some assistance to start off. 

We hope, this comes as a valuable information for all our Windows users who are planning to download this amazing FREE astrology app -AstroSage Kundli’.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 horoscope, 2014 calendar & whole lot about 2014

AstroSage has once again come up with its numerous services for the year 2014, for our trusted users. Now, you can have a look at all these services we have brought in just for you and get to know your horoscope well in advance. Along with this you will have many other services namely, Regional Horoscope, Festivals 2014, Calendar 2014 and Muhurat 2014. On AstroSage, we have tried to provide a very concise and accurate astrological predictions. Let’s have a look at the different services we have for you on AstroSage.

Horoscope & Astrology Predictions 2014:

On AstroSage, you would find Horoscope for 2014. It will help you to kick start your year and plan it well in advance. This is designed with the help of expert supervision and covers all the major sections of your life. Be it love life, family life, career or finance; astrology 2014 will tell your future about everything.  When you have advantage of gazing into your future and knowing what awaits you, these 2014 Horoscope predictions comes as a life saver. We have for you various horoscopes mentioned below:

Regional Horoscope 2014

AstroSage is not only restricted to English or Hindi horoscope, rather it has covered all the possible regional languages. You can get to know your horoscope in various languages as per your convenience and plan your year accordingly. Below mentioned are the Horoscope predictions 2014 for various regions. Click on the link you wish to know and get your horoscope in your regional Language.

Festivals 2014

Festivals are an occasion wherein you meet, enjoy and have great time with your loved ones. Festivals have an immense importance in India. People celebrate festivals on a big scale with lots of fun and excitement  Let’s have a look at some important occasions in 2014

  • New Year:  Even New Year is celebrated more like a festival in India. Now, the New Year 2014 has arrived. All of you must have some brilliant plans in your mind. We also have some fabulous ideas for this New Year. Just click on New Year 2014 to know more. Along with this, have a look at our exclusive collection of New Year Greetings 2014  and  2014 Wallpapers. Have a look at them and just drive away with the wave of New Year 2014.
  • Paush Purnima 2014: It is celebrated on full moon day of the Magha month of Hindu Lunar Calendar. This date is considered sacred to take Holy Dip in the river. Click on Paush Purnima 2014 to know more.
  • Lohri: It is an Indian Harvest Festival during winters and celebrated in different regions of India. Fire is lightened and a bonfire is made in night. Just click on the link and know more details on Lohri 2014

Calendar 2014

Calendar, a planner for our upcoming events. We can plan holidays in advance for an upcoming year. On AstroSage you would find various Calendars. We have tried to cover various calendars such as,  Hindu calendar 2014, Public Holidays 2014, Federal Calendar and US Holidays 2014 to name a few. Almost all religion & region based calendars have also been covered such as, Chinese Calendar 2014, Tamil Calendar 2014, Islamic Calendar and so on. Have a look on the links given below and your get to know important holidays and festivals dates:

 Muhurat 2014

Shubh Muhurat is an auspicious time to initiate any sacred task. A good time is always chosen before starting anything that is related to you and your loved. Below mentioned are some of the important Muhurat that you may consider in 2014.

  • Vidyarambh Muhurat: Planning to teach your child his/her first alphabet. Education lays the foundation of a good character. So, lay this foundation in an auspicious time. Check out the auspicious Vidyarambh Muhurat 2014.
  • Karnvedh Muhurat: An auspicious Ear Piercing ceremony should be done in an auspicious muhurat. Click on the link and see special time of  Karnvedh Sanskar Muhurat 2014.
  • Griha Pravesh Muhurat: Entering a new home in New Year 2014, or planning to enter your renovated home. Make the entry to your home, under an auspicious muhurat by considering Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2014
  • Vivah Muhurat: Marriage is an auspicious and an important time for the duo. Hence, it must be done in the most auspicious time of the day. Have a look at Vivah Muhurat 2014 and start your new life with the blessings of all the Gods.
  • Namkaran Sanskar: Importance of it is not unknown by many. A good name reflects good personality and if the Namkaran Sanskar Ceremony is done in good muhurat then it adds sparkle to the name. Please click on Namkaran Sanskar Ceremony Muhurat 2014 to know auspicious time and give your little one his/her unique identity.  

You can also go for many other important muhurats by clicking on the links mentioned below. Please visit the links and initialize your tasks in the best time