Monday, June 19, 2006

FIFA Football Worldcup Winner - Astrolgoical View

As per this article, Indian astrologers have predicted that an upcoming conjunction of Mars with Saturn could throw up a surprise winner in the football World Cup.

Though in my opinion Saturn and Mars conjunction is very hard yoga to interpret. For example it can give birth to the biggest fraud and cheat at one side and biggest spiritual leader on other side. So In my opinion, we may see some expected team e.g. Brazil or Germany taking away the world cup. Let us wait and watch.

Predicting Gold Price Using Astrology

My friend and senior member of my k p system forum, Shri Kanak Bosamia, sent me a URL where the author has tried to explain the hyperinflamation in gold using lunar nodes. His theory states -

"When lunar node is posited alongside Jupiter for a long time, there is hyperinflation."

Lunar node = North Node or South Node
Alongside Jupiter = Close to Jupiter, not more than 14 degrees apart.
Long time = More than 6 months.

Author has presented many facts and figures to support his theory.

Please check the detailed article here.