Monday, August 12, 2013

Learn KP Astrology System in 5 Minutes

KP System or Krishnamurti Paddhati is has got enormous publicity in recent years. It can predict events with extreme accuracy. For timing events, there can not be any other system which is so easy still so accurate. Due to the systematic application, I always say that KP System is the system for 21st century mind.

I always tried my best to ensure that this system reaches to as many people as possible. In 2001, I started KP System group which has remained in forefront in KP discussion and learning since then. With more than 40,000 posts, it has contributed extensively to the learning of KP. In the same year, I announced KP software for desktop and mobile phones. In 2004, I developed free KP software and website by the name of which has grown to largest Indian astrology website now. In 2008-2009, I had written KP tutorial in KP Learning Wiki which, I hope, helped a many KP students.

Continuing the same efforts, I am presenting a video tutorial titled "Learn KP System in 5 minutes". This is my first video since we rebranded "AstroSage YouTube channel" to "AstroSage TV". In this tutorial I tried to summarize whole KP system in 5 major principles. Once we understand these five principles, we can learn KP in no time. Here is the video and the transcript of the video is available at -

Enjoy and do not forget to subscribe the channel where more learning material will be coming soon. Happy learning.

Note: this video expects basic knowledge of astrology. If you are completely new to astrology, start with my astrology tutorials first.