Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Updates on GPS Prashna Kundali Software

Last week we announced Free GPS Prashna Kundali Software (Horary Astrology Software). We got excellent feedback from astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. Based on the feedback and suggestions, we have made few changes to the software to make it more useful. These changes are most important -

  • We have introduced a new hyperlink named "GPS Accuracy". If you click on this link, it will tell you estimated GPS Accuracy in meters. This will help an astrologer taking decision whether to use software provided latitude/ longitude or to enter your own. 
  • Started using higher precision for location detection. Though this option is slightly slower than earlier method, it gives more accurate latitude/ longitude.
Please continue sharing your feedback so that we can improve the software further. 

Friday, September 03, 2010

Free GPS Horary Astrology Software Announced

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce a new FREE astrology software interface that I am sure will be loved by Horary astrologers (both traditional and KP) and the astrologers who use “Time Charts” frequently. We call it “GPS Horary” and it is available at This software doesn’t require any input from the astrologer and can detect your latitude, longitude, time zone, dst etc. automatically and can generate chart based on that instantly. You just need to click on “Get Horary Chart” and instantly you will see horary chart (Prashna Kundali) – no input required. Some of the salient features of this software are -

1.       User’s Location Detection using GPS: It detects your position (latitude/ longitude) using GPS or GeoLocation technology which is already supported by most of the leading browsers and mobile phones. Generally it gives very accurate longitude/ latitude information of the user’s location (accurate up to few meters). I guess, Internet Explorer doesn’t support GeoLocation feature natively. You need to install Google Toolbar ( to get support of GeoLocation feature. Other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone browser, Android browser, Nokia browser doesn’t require toolbar. It is extremely accurate if accessed from the device that has GPS inbuilt like some of the recent mobile phones.

2.       User’s Location Detection using IP: If GPS coordinates are not available, it tries to find out your Location using your IP address. Though it is less accurate than earlier GeoLocation method, still good-enough for most of the practical purposes. If the software will use GPS, it will show “GPS Coordinate” in the Place field. If it is showing name of the place, it means that the software is using IP address for finding out latitude and longitude.

3.       TimeZone Detection: Not only that, it also tries to find out your time zone. So you need not to enter your time zone. Time Zone detection is based on your DST, so you need not to worry about DST either.

4.       DST Detection: It also detects whether DST (Daylight Saving Time) is applicable to your place or not based on your location. Finding out DST is a big headache for most of the astrologers for various cities, so this feature will be really convenient for the astrologers especially in the counties in US, Europe and Australia where DST is used.

5.       User’s Date & Time Detection: Last but not the least, it also picks up date and time from user’s computer and NOT from the server. Which means that it will use date and time for your place. (It would be a good idea to check your local machine clock prior to using this software. Now a days, Windows support the feature of synchronizing your computer’s time with atomic clock, so make sure you have enabled that and correct time on your computer.)

6.       KP Horary Number Auto Generator: If you are a KP astrologer, just click on “Random KP Number” and it will automatically fill computer generated random number between 1 to 249 in “KP Horary Number” field. For traditional astrologers or time charts, KP Horary Number is not required and it can be left as-it-is.

As it finds out everything automatically, all you need to do it to click on “Get Horary Chart” to generate Prashna Kundali or Horary Charts. Of course, you can change any value that you want to, if needed.

If you are using from your mobile phone, you should get even more accuracy, as now-a-days all hi-end mobile phones like iPhone, Android, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony etc. have GPS device inbuilt. You will enjoy this software really when you are travelling and somebody asked a horary question to you.

As this software is in beta phase, your feedback will be very useful to improve it further. Please write to or to me and share your feedback.

If you are member of any other astrology forum, you are requested to forward this email to those forums so that other astrologers also know about it and take advantage of it.

Here is the URL of the software again -

Thanks & Regards,

Punit Pandey