Thursday, June 03, 2004

What you need to learn Lal Kitab?

When I started learning Lal Kitab, it was not easy. Understanding Lal Kitab is difficult task due to untraditional Urdu language. And moreover it is difficult to know that out of many books, which one is the true Lal Kitab. There was no one to help me.

But now I can say precisely what resources can help you in learning Lal Kitab. You need only two things, one is Lal Kitab and other is Lal Kitab discussion group. If you can understand Urdu, go for Urdu Lal Kitab. Otherwise you can use Arun Samhita (Hindi Translation by Dr. Arun) or English Translation by Goswami et al. In fact, for learning any subject you need to study the theory of the subject and need some practical. Theory or practical alone will not be much useful. Now the Lal Kitab forum can assist learners of Lal Kitab very well. There are many astrologers who have good command over Lal Kitab. I have seen some good discussions are going on. So if you are interested in learning Lal Kitab, join the group and read the achieves.

Here I want to salute the expert Lal Kitab astrologers (we call them Lalkitabists in the forum) who are selflessly helping others in learning this great branch of astrology.


  1. Anonymous10:15 PM


    i just read your profile and i noted that you are well versed in astrological software...

    i am currently looking for a vedic astrology gadget for my desktop. basically, i would like a kundali (in south indian format) that updates the positions of planets in real time on my desktop... i was wondering if you know if something like this has been developed so far?


  2. Hi Vikram,

    I have not come across such a gadget. Though it would definately be good to have such a software/ gadget. If required, I can help you in getting RSS feed for planetary positions that you can use with your RSS gadget and get updated planetary positions.

    -- Punit Pandey

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Very cool idea. I can see many potential uses for a "mashup"that utilizes some sort of decision-tree analysis of an RSS planetary feed. If there were an open framework for this, a loose coalition of astrologers/astrologists could create a schema whereby end-users could benefit from realtime warnings/upaya recommendations, based on this data. Plus, for us enthusiasts, we could have a "head up display" for our own needs. I dream of astrology making this leap into real open-source collaboration and systems building.
    Anonymous American ER Doctor/Jyotishi