Monday, July 10, 2006

Combination for Call Center Job

I have found, in my experience, that job should be seen by 1st house and not by 10th house. First when I had seen famous astrologer J.N. Bhasin suggesting the same, I rejected it outright without checking it practically. But with the time I have found that it is really true. Probably now a days job has so influencing affect on human life that can be seen from the 1st house.

For a job in call center, we should see the influence of Mercury (communication/ call/ phone) and Saturn (night job) on lagna. One can also check the same on Dasamsa chart as well. If Mercury and Saturn are influencing lagna, we can say confidently that one is working for Call Center.

I had quite a few charts for call center employees that I'll try to post in future. You should try it yourself and let me know your opinion.

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