Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cricket Astrology Discussion and Predictions

This is Cricket World Cup time and everybody is interested in knowing who is going to win the cup, who are the players going to perform well etc. etc.

But there is no single place on Internet where you can go and check the opinion and predictions of different astrologers. Keeping that in mind, I have created one discussion forum for cricket astrology. This forum is for discussing astrological predictions on various sports, though primarily cricket. There are various branches of astrology and various astrologers talk about different things. But there is no such place where all astrologers can come together, discuss and share their predictions, techniques. As the World Cup 2007 is around, I wanted to create that platform for astrologers. This is also a place that I want to use for developing astrology technique for sports predictions.

To start with, let us predict who will win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Here is the URL for the forum CricAstro -

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