Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fortuna And Other Arabic Parts

In our KP System discussion forum, we are having an intense discussion on the fast moving point 'Fortuna' (also called Pars Fortuna or Part of Fortune). Shri K. S. Krishamurthi, the inventor of KP System, mentioned about Fortuna in the second reader, but he really didn't given much detail. The application and examples are also missing. While doing some googling, I found this article very useful. Please check it out.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Is the Fotuna point caculated by adding bhaba or house of Lagna( 1 if Mesh,2 if Brishav etc) + house of Rashi ( i.e 10 for Makar,12 for Meen ) and subtract the house No. where Sun is posited( i.e.7 if it is Tula,8 if Brischik.The result of house No of Lagna 11(Kumbha)+ Moon 10(Dhanu) - Sun 7(Tula) = 11+10=21 - 7 = 14 or 1+4 =5. Does 5th house from lagna Kumbha become the Fortuna point ?

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Is Fourtuna point calculated by adding House of Lagna say 11 (Kumbha to House No. of Moon 1 (Mesh) i.e 11+1=12 .Then subtract the House No of Sun 2 (Brishav) i.e 12 - 2 = 10. Is the Fortuna point of Kumbha Lagna in this case is 10th House (Brischik) ? Please give me the correct form of calculation if I am wrong.

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I am impressed and in complete agreement with Shri Punit Pandey's views on Sade Sati.'Corrections' done for Sade Sati,Kal Sarp Dosha,Grahan dosh and Guru Chandali yoga are also presumably done by unscrupulous people in the garb of Astrologers.Comments will be welcome.

  4. Basis of calculation is not rasi number (1-12) but exact degree of ascendant, sun and moon (between 0 and 360). Any astrology software like should be able to give you degree of Ascendant, Sun and Moon.

    Formula for calculating fortune is described in detail at