Monday, October 01, 2007

Comment from Narayan Dutt Shrimali's Follower and My Reply

One of the Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali's followers left a comment on my last post on Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali. He raised certain questions. I received tons of emails daily and for me it is not practical to reply all those emails individually. So, I thought it would be good to put my point of view here as a reply to the comment. As most of the emails are in terms of threat, I want to tell everybody few points -
  • I am software engineer by profession and put up lots of websites in my career. Please don't threaten me of destroying my website. If encouraged, I can also do the same things.
  • I have sufficiently good knowledge of Tantra. I am a follower of Kularnava Tantra and I understand what can be done with it. Please don't threaten me to show Tantra and Mantra power.
Anyways, here is the reply to the comment -

Punit Pandey,

The point is that you are being stubborn with your opinion which you believe to be right. Because of some small publicity that you already have with this astrology 'business', your ego is not letting your opinion go as it thinks that it is 'authoritative' since you a re 'senior astrologer' in the eyes of your clients.

[Punit] This is your opinion about me and I have no objection. My opinion is my opinion about Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali and why I should change it just because you think something different about him? I said what I concluded after reading his several books. I don't want to make harsh comment because I understand that it can hurt his follower's feelings. I hope you know that in the serious astrology circle Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali is not regarded as a great name the way you think. By the way, I am not a professional astrologer and I don't charge any money.

I humbly request you to remove this Dr. Shrimali defaming propaganda from your website which is not going to bring you any good at all neither in terms of business, nor in terms of any public image elevation. Only harm on all fronts. And the wave has only started. Why are you inviting this to yourself for nothing?

[Punit] Are you threatening me? You are open to do what you want.

By the way why do you think that it is defaming him? Did you ask Kadambini magazine to take their issue back when once they said that all material in his book was copied from somewhere else (plagiarism) without even author's permission?

Are you stupid? I don't think so. You have worked up a name as an astrologer all these years. There has to be a good cause for struggle and fight. What is yours?

[Punit] I don’t need any certificate from anybody on what I am. Yes, I have good cause and the cause is that I want to tell astrology students which books they should read and which they shouldn't. I studied astrology for quite some time and I think this is my responsibility to share it with everybody. Just for your information, I am not a professional astrologer and astrology is not how I make money for my living. My problem is that if I take the name out, it will defeat the very purpose of the post which is telling astrology beginners the books they should read and should not read. Tomorrow somebody will come and ask me that I am a great author and you should include my books in the books to read section, should I do that? You need to understand it in what context it is written.

This loose comments posted by yourself is not really responsible of you Mr. Pandey. Tomorrow 50 other sites debunk and defame Astrosage and Punit Pandey publicly as an astrologer!! - how good will you feel about it??

[Punit] Once again a good threat. Would you please stop threatening me? I guess that you don't know that I maintain some of the biggest communities on Internet (much much bigger than any of your communities), so you are threatening a wrong guy. I can use 500 websites to do the same what you can do with 50 websites. Though this is not my objective and that's why I don't want to do anything unethical but please don't encourage anybody to do so.

Please give it a thought and act wisely and responsibly. After all, we are all a part of the same society and creation. We are all wanting and striving towards spirituality.

[Punit] Why do you think that I have no right to say something about Dr. Sharmali in this society whereas we go and talk openly about anybody including prime minister and president of the country? You can create your own blog and write about anything you want. I'll not come and threaten you.

If you knew Dr. Shrimali closely, you wouldn't have dared to make such loose comments about him.

[Punit] Just for your information, I know him closely enough. Let me repeat that there are no loose comments. It is my opinion about him based on my knowledge and understanding. No hard feelings.

This is a Guru who came and changed my life in one day!! With whom many life saving miracles are connected directly with my own life. I have studied and practiced enough occult for the past 20 years.
For the past 20 years, I've been an intensive practitioner of Martial arts, qi gong, Dim mak, yoga, tantra sadhna, jyotish and numerology. After meeting Dr. Shrimali I was able to achieve newer heights that I wasn't able to before and opened up newer horizons in all realms of sadhna that I strived for. This is not a joke or a mere hailing of my Guru. This is my life's experience. He gave me more than what any palm top commercial astrology software can ever. At the most it can malfunction.

[Punit] This is your opinion about him and I respect it. I hope you will also learn respecting other people's opinion.

The time is good. I hope and wish for your wise understanding. Thank you and regards.

[Punit] Thanks for your wishes. Thanks & Regards.


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Dear Punit,

    By chance, I came to your site and read the interested chit-chat among you both. Young man if you are masters of Tantra and Jyotish, such chit Chats are not necessary and just ignore the person who is not satisfied with your opinon. But by reacting in the same manner, you proves yourselves as one of the same type of admirer/jealous of some one

    Astrology is a great science and what anybody writes or share should be adopted if suited and ignore it without any comments if it is useless. Don't publicise any matter which you think not of your expectations.


  2. Pradeep H12:38 AM

    Hello Punit Pandey. Could you please your email id. I would like to consult you about my horoscope. Thanks. Pradeep H