Monday, June 16, 2008

Personalized Horoscopes

You would have noticed the 'True Horoscope' box on the bottom right corner of After clicking on the hyperlink, it takes you to your personalized horoscopes. There are various websites that gives you personalized daily horoscopes, so how the 'True Horoscopes' are different from others? In this post, I would like to share some technical details with you.

'True Horoscope' uses the same astrology engine that has been used by our other software like, Varahamihira, and Mobile Kundli. When you request your true horoscope by clicking the Hyperlink or visiting to the 'True Horoscope' page, following actions happen in sequence -
  1. AstroSage fetches your birth details from the AstroSage database.
  2. It generates your birth chart.
  3. It generates your transit chart (aka Gochara Kundli in Hindi) for current moment.
  4. It puts the current planetary position (planetary positions in Transit) into your birth chart.
  5. It analyze combined format of your birth chart and transit chart using one of the most advanced systemsof Vedic astrology called KP System or Krishnamurti Paddhati and assigns ratings to various aspects of your life like Finance, Family, Fortune, and Profession etc.
  6. It uses True Horoscope engine to pick up the right sentences matching to that rating for each aspect of life.
  7. It generates the result by combining all these sentences into one paragraph and displays it on screen.

So there is a lot of technical details goes on before you actually see your daily personalized predictions on the screen. It is the reason that we call it the most accurate daily horoscope on Internet.

What is your personalized horoscope telling you today? Check our your True Horoscope today.

[Update] True Horoscope module was down for the last few days and now it is up and running.

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  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Hey punit. Astrosage is really revolutionary site. Specially the True Horoscope feature is an excellent one. Thank you for providing such a useful website on the net.