Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mercury enters Leo, Jupiter enters Capricorn

Today on 30th July 2009, we have seen two significant astrological events. First, Mercury left Cancer sign and entered Leo sign and Magha star. Cancer/ Leo junction has special meaning in Vedic astrology because it marks change in both sign as well as star.

In Vedic Astrology, Leo sign is owned by Sun and Magha star (Nakshatra) is owned by Ketu. So generally saying Mercury will be influenced by Sun and Ketu. How it will affect you? Generally zodiac sign horoscopes are not good to get accurate predictions so I am not interpreting it from the zodiacal sign perspective. Though, to help you interpreting this combination, I would like to make one important point. As stated earlier, this change is influenced by Sun and Ketu and if these planets are affected in your birth chart, you can see some problems for you. There are various steps to judge affliction of a planet, but to keep it simple I would suggest is check their placement in 6th, 8th or 12th house from ascendant. Also see if Sun is in Libra sign where it gets debilitated. If these are the cases, this combination can affect you in a negative way. If you are not sure about the placement of Sun and Ketu in your birth chart, your can use or to find it out. By the way, Mercury is going to be in Leo till 20th of August.

Other major event is about retrograde Jupiter entering in Capricorn Sign (Makar). Previously it was in Saturns’s another sign Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) and now being retrograde entered back to Makar which also means that it got debilitate again. Jupiter is going to be in this sign till 19th December and then it will head back to Aquarius (Kumbha). During this period Jupiter is going to be in Mars’ Dhanishta star which again means that good or bad results will depend upon the placement of Mars in your birth chart. If your Mars is well placed, you will enjoy all benefits of this combination. On the contrary, if Mars is afflicted by being 6th, 8th or 12th house from ascendant, being debilitated (in Cancer sign), this combination can affect you adversely.

On the Mundane astrology side, it is generally said that if a planet is badly placed, the price of the metal related to that planet will increase. Jupiter in Capricorn will be debilitated and hence the price of gold should go up. This should especially happen after 13th / 14th October when Jupiter becomes direct.


  1. hello
    i would like to know whether teh debilitated guru will effect mars who is debilitated in cancer with same intensity to cancer lagna. since mars for cancer lagna being place in lagna is yoga karaka. i am at best a informed laymen.thank you for yoiur yeoman service. Gr8 job. may god bless you always

  2. Maddy, I always tell people that yoga should not be discussed in isolation. Please post your birth details to discuss role of Mars.

  3. my birth details are as follows

  4. further to my comments i remembered that guru is the dispositor for cancer lagna since guru is exalted in cancer. so i suppose he should do good for cancer lagna people with mars in lagna/cancer

  5. Hi Punit ji,
    I'm Yaskika and my birthdate is 17.07.1981, Timing, 14:34, place Mumbai. and my husband's
    DOB is 17.09.1978 time : 02:40 am,Place: Mumbai. He is in Army.
    I would like to know since Jupiter has entered makar rashi, will it affect my married life, because my marriage is at the verge of divorce.
    Please let me know if dvorce is for sure, or will everything be fine. as i see my husband ignores me and believes in what his sister and brother tells him.I'm aware that I have rahu maha dasha till aug 2019. But do I have to stay with my parents till then or will my husband support me.i would request you please help me.If you are replying you could reply at

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM

    My 10th Sign (Cancer) has Venus and Rahu, both in positive directions. My 11th Sign (Singh - Leo) has Sun, Moon and Jupiter. But my 4th sign (Capricorn) has Ketu. Now with this Jupiter coming into Capricorn, what will happen in my working area? Please tell me, if there is any remedial measures for this Jupiter entering capricorn and seeing my working sign at 10 (Cancer. My birthday is on morning 9 in 9th September, 1980 at Berhampore

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Punit Ji, isn't it true that Mars is never really debilitated as he is in Kendra from his Mool Trikon sign and Trikon from his other sign?

  8. Anonymous9:27 AM

    what will happen to precious metals after this date of OCt 14th???