Monday, November 15, 2010

Vedic Astrology Discussion Forum on Facebook

I am generally an active community member and participate in various communities. My favorite for astrology community is Yahoo Groups and I have many forums there. For example, a forum for learning KP Astrology on Yahoo Groups was created in 2001 and now in its tenth year.

There are various community websites available, but the main advantage with Yahoo Groups is the integration with email. I mean, you can participate in discussion just by email and there is no need to visit Yahoo Groups website.

Recently, Facebook has also added this email discussion feature in their forums. I recently experimented with it and found this feature similar to Yahoo Groups. Keeping it in mind I have created a Vedic Astrology discussion forum on Facebook. If you are already a member of Facebook, you can request joining.

For Facebook addicts, I think this will be more convenient than Yahoo Groups. Please try experimenting and let me know your feedback. Here is the URL again -

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