Friday, November 09, 2012

AstroSage Astrology Magazine - Articles Invited is largest Indian astrology portal with more than 1.5 crore hits a month. At AstroSage, we always tried to develop things that can help astrologers and astrology students in some way. This Diwali, we have many announcements to make and "AstroSage Astrology Magazine" is one of them.

I was feeling a need for an online astrology magazine on all branches of Vedic astrology for quite some time. A magazine that can bring ideas from all directions of life with the focus of improving our predictive skills. "AstroSage  Astrology Magazine" is an attempt in that direction.

"AstroSage Astrology Magazine" is available in English and Hindi and can be read at I invite articles from all members of the forum. Articles published on AstroSage Magazine will be featured on the home page of and also on various other partner websites giving it biggest possible reach.

Article written by you will be linked to your profile on So if you want, readers can communicate directly with you. I hope this will also help professional astrologers making some extra money.

Article can be on any branch of astrology or other occult subjects like Palmistry, Vastu, Numerology, or Tarot etc. Articles can be sent to editor at astrosage dot com or can be submitted via the link on the right-side on the magazine itself. Article can be either in English or Hindi. I hope both astrologers and readers will be benefited by AstroSage Magazine.

Looking forward to your articles and feedback on "AstroSage Magazine" -

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