Monday, May 20, 2013

AstroSage Astrology Quiz/ Blind Charts

Astrology never faced challenge of being labelled as superstition more than that in the last few decades. Astrology failed to modernize and also lagged behind in using technology and, in my opinion, it is the single most important reason of such situation of astrology. People get modern science perspective from schools and they feel dissatisfied with the old and traditional explanation offered by astrology and that drags people away from astrology. At we understand it and we always try our best to bridge that gap between modern science and astrology by using advanced internet and mobile technologies.

AstroSage is probably the single most used website by the astrologers and astrology students. They use AstroSage Cloud to make birth charts and astrological analysis, AstroSage horoscope matching to match horoscopes, Astrologers Directory to find new clients, Affiliate to make money, astrology magazine to share their knowledge, AstroSage Atlas to find latitude, longitude and DST time correction and ‘Learn Astrology’ section to get text, audio tutorials and learning material etc. To help astrologers and astrology students to improve their knowledge, we have decided to come up with astrology quizzes.

In my opinion, quiz is one of the best methods for improving your astrological skills. In astrology, with some many rules and system available, post-mortem becomes very easy. We can justify any event in any chart but that doesn't help in learning. True test lies in foretelling events when you do not know them. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to organize one quiz / blind chart every fortnight. The winner will be given a prize and also get his name mentioned into “AstroSage Astrology Quiz Hall of Fame”. So do not wait, participate in quiz, win prize and become famous -

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