Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Few More Books Download

One of the readers of this blog asked for Lal Kitab. I remember I had one copy of Lal Kitab in downloadable format. But this time I was unable to find it. I did a google search for Lal Kitab. But surprisingly it brings me to this blog. Anyway, I found another page where there were some other books available for download. You will also find some other Vaidik astrology treatise like Garga Hora, Bhavartha Ratnakar, Prashna Tantra and Sanketnidhi.

Please check the link here.


  1. Harindar1:46 PM

    I think the link selected here is broken.....Geocities could not find it as an active link for downloading books etc

  2. You are correct Harindar ji, Yahoo has shutdown GeoCities and hence the website is no longer active. I do not have any alternate link with me now.

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I want to have bhrigu samhita in sankrit and hindi version