Thursday, October 23, 2008

Achieved 1000 Members Mark. Thanks.

Today this blog crossed 1,000 members mark. I never expected it to be this fast and I would like to thank all my readers to make this blog instant success. I hope you will continue showing your love and I promise to contribute to this blog in my best possible way.

This is a time of economic recession and I get a lot of queries on share market and commodity market predictions. As you would have noted from my last post, now a days I am busy in finishing some of the new features of and hence not able to write regularly. I am hoping to finish some of the important modules by the end of this month, so you will see me in action again pretty soon.

Coming back to the share market, there is one very good discussion going on share market in my K P astrology discussion forum. If you are an astrologer, you can also contribute kp astrology forum here. This may also be good for the general people, who are interested knowing about share trends and astrological views.

I also want to remind about certain important thing here like -
  1. You can subscribe to this blog on your mobile phone as SMS.
  2. Now you can take print out of your janam patri/ kundali from Please check and let me know your feedback.
  3. You can also reach to this blog by typing the shorter address
  4. Most importantly, if you like my website, you can tell it to your friends and family members.
Thanks once again for your love.

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