Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diwali Pooja: Some Important Points to Know

Tomorrow is Diwali. Hindu scriptures have lots to tell about dos and donts on this holy festival. Here I have noted down few important points for you -
  • Take oil massage in the morning
  • Worship with deepak
  • The best time for Laxmi pujan is 3 muhurta (144 minutes) from sunset. Three muhurta (6 ghadi or 144 minutes) period everyday is called Nitya Pradosh and considered auspicious. As I mentioned in the last post, please consult local panchang or news paper to know the exact muhurat time for your place.
  • Fast till Laxmi Pujan and eat only once after the pooja
  • Wear flower garland
  • Put on white clothes
  • Remain awake till mid night and throw away poverty from the home by playing holy instruments (shankh etc.)

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