Thursday, September 03, 2009

YSR Reddy Missing - Dead or Alive?

According to news sources Mr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, popularly known as YSR & chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state, is missing since around 9:12 AM this morning. Search operations are going on. According to Times of India online edition, "From remote sensing satellites, fighter jets, UAVs, troops on the ground to barefoot deer-hunting tribals with bows and arrows- a mission of huge magnitude was underway on Wednesday night to trace YSR Reddy's missing helicopter." Everyone in India is asking the same question - what happened to YSR? Is YSR dead or alive?

As I don't have birth chart of YSR, natal astrology will not be of much of the use. In absence of birth details, horary astrology seemed the only resort. Horary astrology (Prashna Jyotish in Sanskrit) is a branch of astrology which is useful when birth details are not available. Some astrologers claim that horary is more accurate than the natal (birth chart) astrology.

So around 5PM today, I decided to cast horary chart to get the answer. Here are the query details for the horary chart -

Query: YSR dead or Alive?
Date of query: September 2nd, 2009
Time of query: 5:01 PM
Place of query: Agra, UP, India
Longitude: 78:00E
Latitude: 27:09N
Horary Number: 215

The detailed horary chart can be found here. Here is my analysis of the horary chart -

First house is house of overall well being. 8th house is the house of longevity. If these houses are connected with maraka (death giving) and badhaka (obstructing) houses, death is indicated.

In the present chart, ascendant sub lord is Saturn in 7th house. 2nd house and 7th house are called Maraka houses in Vedic astrology and presence of Saturn in 7th makes it Maraka. Saturn owns 12th and the 1st house. 12th house is the house of departure from this world & house of moksha etc., and indicates death if connected with maraka and badhaka houses. Saturn is in Nakshatra of Sun who is lord of 7th house and also posited in 7th house. So Saturn is a very strong Maraka planet.

Now see 8th house. 8th house sub lord is Venus. Venus is lord of 4th and 9th house and is situated in 6th house. According to Vedic astrology, for fixed ascendant, 9th house is the Badhaka house. Sixth house is the house of wound and diseases and generally gives indication of problem to the body. Venus is in the Nakshatra of Saturn and we have already talked about the fact that Saturn is a strong maraka planet.

Now let us analyze present dasa. Current maha dasa is of Moon who is lord of 6th house (disease/ wounds) and posited in 12th (departure from the world). Sub-period (bhukti) is of Venus and we have already talked about maraka and badhaka connections of Venus.

So to conclude, the chart doesn't present any good picture and chances of his survival looks bleak as per my analysis. I wish my analysis goes wrong. Quite a few of my fellow astrologers have predicted otherwise and I wish their predictions come out true. You can also read some of those analysis in the KP Astrology Discussion forum.

Note: This article is based on KP method of Horary astrology. KP Horary astrology uses an arbitrary number between 1 to 249 for calculating house positions and the above chart has been calculated using horary number 215.


  1. Thank you for you analysis, not many astrologers have the will to predict these kind of matters, when the future is very near and unknown and could have impact of a astrologers authenicity. hats off to you for being brave

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    @5 PM even a kid knew YSR is gonna die! Please predict a bit early the next time!

  3. Anonymous, now it is easy to say. Yesterday, people/ kids who knew, did they have courage to say it publicly? That is the reason you will not find tweets or blogs about it. The only official information was that he is safe.

    Earlier there was no need of prediction, because government officials were telling that he is safe. Only after certain time, everyone started suspecting that statement and that was the time I felt the need of using astrology.

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Your prediction has certainly come true. YSR is no more.

  5. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Dear Punit, I truly appreciate and admire the way you almost accurately predicted the tragic demise of YSR. I totally object if somebody says that novice or kids could have predicted.
    I believe that to be success Astrologer one needs complete divine blessing (even more while casting and predicting Prasna Chart), which Punit has got. Prediction was not at all late. Afterall, it is not just the matter of predicting.. I see that you did a detailed study of what the planets had to say. Good Job! . Keep posting your predictions.
    I am glad to know that there are people blessed with a good expertise on this divine science.

    YSR had his own share of strong negative karmas (working against hinduism - which lead him to tragic death, I pray YSR's soul rest in peace.

    Thanks & regards.

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    YSR's natal chart as per dob 8 July 1949 time 10PM, gives Asc as Aquarius. Ketu is in 8th house alone. Mercury is lord of 8th. According to this he was running Rahu dasa, Ketu bhukti and Mercury pratyantara (23rd July to 14th Sep)being end of Ketu bhukti. Mercury was also transiting his 8th house, i.e. Virgo. From 15th he would have been in Venus bhukti. This was clearly a dangerous period for him. Rahu and ketu are vargottama as also his Asc is vargamsa. You don't have to do prasna to know that his maraka lords - by ownership and location - were powerful. The end of ketu dasa and sub-dasa typically also end things dramatically.

  7. This was a good job done well.

  8. You guys did a great job by predicting. Would you guys please predict about me, I born on 15-Nov-1976 9:43 PM on Monday at Warangal AP India. I really thankful to you if you predict about me, I'm also interested in Astrology, but I don't 've that much knowledge in that. Few hits about me are 1. Now I'm in USA, came on Jan 2007, 2. In my childhood and young age I faced lot of problems financially etc. So please say something important to me regarding death, career, job and life including married life too. Thanks in advance. Yours writetoravinder at g mail dot com

  9. Rupesh Khandelwal5:20 PM


    Sad news however a great prediction. Absolutely Amazing! You analysis was bold, detailed and timely.

    Do you have a planned visit to Moline anytime soon?

  10. Sir
    I have gone through your analysis/ prediction regarding YSR. I appreciate your study in the matter. I pray YSR's soul rest in peace.
    Thanks and regards
    Virender Gupta, Panchkula, Haryana

  11. Sub: His death happened according to Astrology
    If Sri YSR was born on 8th July, 1949 at Pulivendala, at 22.00 hours, his death happened according to Astrology.
    According to his birth details his Ascendant is Aquarius and Rasi is Sagittarius. He was born on Friday, Sukla Paksha Chaturdashi. Star: Moola – 1
    In his chart Neptune is in the 8th House which indicates Age, death etc., The person, who has Neptune in the 8th House, will face most dangerous accident which causes fatal death. The members of his family will get suddenly a lot of money through LIC, government etc.,. He will get wealth through his wife. Sudden incidents and philosophical thoughts are more in his life. Due to water or poison or vehicles he will meet his death. Due to death of his close relative / near and dear he will face family responsibilities, problems or loss. He will face court cases or he will be a witness to a murder case. He will face sudden death. If the Neptune is retrograde, he will not face these bad results.
    According to Vimsottari Period – Present period is RAH from 14.02.1998 to 14.02.2016.
    Sub-Period is RAH – KET 14.08.2008 to 02.09.2009. KET is in the 8th house and viewed by JUP, who is the lord of 2nd and 11th Houses. And he is Death causing Planet (MARAKUDU). It indicates fear, tension and loss of close relative.
    Sub-Period is RAH – VEN 02.09.2009 to 02.09.2012. VEN is in the house of 6th (Cancer). VEN is viewed by JUP, who is the lord of 2nd and 11th Houses and JUP is Death causing Planet (MARAKUDU). It indicates sudden accidents and serious injuries or death. The relation between JUP and KET is not good for Longevity.

    I pray to our dear departed leader’s soul may rest in peace.

  12. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I know Late Shri Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy garu DAte of Birth
    TOB: 08:00 pm
    POB Pullivendula

    He is Makara Lagna With Jupiter debilitated in earthy sign and Retro at 5 degrees 37 min.
    He has Venu in 7th house in CAncer in enemies sign
    Rahu in Meena and Ketu in Kanya
    Transit Rahu has given the answer it is at 5 degrees. As per vedic test when Rahu meets natal Jupiter in those exact degrees chances of death or chronic illness or surgery.
    He is currently running Rahu dasa Ketu Bhuti.
    Ketu is next to Saturn. Sat is in Leo. He was also spiritually inclined.
    He has vosi yoga in his chart with Venu 2nd to Sun and Budha Aditya Yoga in 6th house. He vanquished his enemies.
    He has Mar in 5th house in Tau and Sat in Leo mutually aspecting each other. Malefic. Sat is in 8th. Though Karoko Bavanashaya does not apply to Saturn here Mar is aspecting Saturn hence violent death (cause of death).
    He has Guru Neecha in Makar Please refer to Parasara classics 8th related where he mentions Makara as ascendent with Guru neecha gives short life. However, in his case it prolonged becaue Guru is Retro. Saturn is in 8th intself which normally gives long life. It gave him Madhayu.
    Further the bhukti is death. I have one of my cousin's horoscope who died in Ketu dasa Rahu Bhukti. I find Ketu bhuti in Rahu dasa or Rahu Bhukti in Ketu dasa can cause death.

    The moment i saw his chart on September 2nd, I knew he would not return because of malefic influences. Lets us pray his soul rests in peace. He will go to heaven because of presence of Mon in Sagitarius. He helped the poor which is evident because of Ket next to Sat.

    Anybody interested in knowing more about their charts can conact men at my Email
    Y. Anupama

  13. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I was born on 18th February 1961 at 3:58 AM at Coimbatore Tamil nadu, Last 4 months i ahve gone through a very bad phase of my life career wise and financially. Can you suggest if things would improve? My email id id

  14. Anonymous7:53 PM

    so who is the next cm of andhra

  15. Hi Punit,

    Thatwas a great analysis.

    it would be kind of you if you can go through my chart and let me know what stored in for me .

    Name: Aditya
    D.O.B: 19-09-1971
    T.O.B: 04:30 PM
    P.O.B: Hyderabad

    Also do let me know your contact details.


  16. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Dear High Tech Pundit

    Pls do not fool the readers with such poor analysis of KP horary. This is not the way to read a KP horary chart. At this level a lot of mature and solid technical vocabulary. So pls take care in future of that. Best of Luck


  17. Dear astro1, why you are commenting anonymously? An astrologer needs to have courage to talk and debate publically. Do you have that courage? Would love to listen and learn, but you will have to leave this cowardliness first.

  18. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Hey Punit,

    Interesting analysis you have presented here. One quick question, I tried using astrosage and astrobix websites to analyse my horoscope. One of them suggests jupiter, mars as good and venus, mercury as bad planets. However, the other suggests exactly the opposite which has got me totally perplexed. I was wondering if i can have some suggestion on that please. Now i am confused whether jupiter is the good planet or not. Due to ths confusion i removed the red coral i was wearing. Would appreciate your help.

    Many thanks,

    Nav Mishra
    birth date: 15 Aug 1980
    birth place: delhi
    time: 22:03:47
    moonsign: Virgo Ascendant: Aries

  19. Dear Nv Mishra ji, Please let me know the page on where you find good or bad planet information?

    Anyways, as a rule of thumb, never rely on any website for predictive astrology. Website can at most be suggestive. Use of technology in astrology is still need to reach to a stage before it can identify good or bad planets in a chart.

    Why it is so complex? Because no planet is wholly good or bad. A planet can give marriage and in the same period you can lose job. It is good or bad planet? So without knowing the perspective, it is not possible to identify good or bad planet and that is the reason I said that websites can at most be indicative.

  20. Anonymous12:07 PM

    good analysis

  21. Anonymous9:06 AM


    I am worried about promotion in my current job, and whether my financial situation improve..?
    dob:01071967; time:9.55 p.m; place-moradabad.

    Kindly reply.


  22. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I am interested in learning nd practising astrology. Is it possible to deduce from the natal chart whether I can learn?

  23. Helo Punit,
    Your analysis is marvellous and shows your indepth knowledg in it. I am very well aware that you sound technical knowledge with you and now i also came to know that you have great astro knowledge.

    Great to meet you.

    Syam Sundar.