Saturday, April 10, 2010

Announcing New Address -

It is quite some time I have written a blog post. The reason for this gap was that I was making a lot of changes to my websites and web infrastructure. During this period I have done a lot of work on astrology and I will be announcing it in coming time.

The announcement I want to make today, though, is the new look and the new address of the blog. You might have already noticed that the blog has been moved to a new address - Previously my blog address was quite long ( and I hope that this blog address will be easy to remember and quick to reach. If you have not bookmarked it, please do the same.

I hope that the new address and the new look will give me enough motivation to write regularly. I have lot quite a few topics pending in my todo list and hope I'll write on all of them soon.

Also would appreciate your feedback on the new layout of the blog. Will look forward to your suggestions. Check out now.

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