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Elizabeth Taylor's ninth marriage and astrology

Readership Level: Intermediate

According to news sources, Hollywood legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor is to marry for the ninth time at the ripe old age of 78. Taylor has been married eight times earlier. Her last marriage ended after five years in 1996.

I wanted to discuss this chart because it is unique in its respect. Nine marriages are not common at all and hence it gives us a very good case study for multiple marriages.

In Indian astrology, there are several yogas given for multiple marriages and I am not going to talk about it. There are so many classical texts and so many shlokas in Indian astrology that confuses astrology students. I want to give some very common rules which I always found correct.

Rule 1. 7th lord should be well posited in a sign. Exaltation makes the most powerful multiple marriage yoga
Rule 2. 7th lord should be in dual sign. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the dual signs.
Rule 3. There should be malefic influence, primarily of Mars and Saturn, on 7th house and 7th house lord.

Under the light of these rules, now let us check the birth chart of Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor's birth details are as follows -
Date of Birth: February 27, 1932
Time of Birth: 2:15 AM
Place of Birth: London, UK

Birth details are taken from AstroDataBank and this chart is having A ratings. If the passes our rules we can safely say that the birth particulars are correct.

Rule 1. Taurus is falling in 7th house. Venus is lord of Taurus and hence it is 7th house lord. Venus is exalted in Pisces, so the rule 1 is fulfilled. As we know from the above rule, 7th lord must be very strong sign-wise to give multiple marriage.
Rule 2. Venus is in Pisces, a dual sign, so the rule 2 is also satisfied. As we know dual signs give multiple marriages.
Rule 3. 7th lord Venus is aspected by natual malefic Saturn and with another natual malefic Rahu. 7th house is aspected by Mars. So the rule 3 is also satisfied. Malefic influence is there both on 7th house and 7th house lord.

So we can safely say that the birth details are absolutely correct as far as rasi chart is concerned. You can see that Elizabeth Taylor's birth chart is an excellent chart for multiple marriage case study.

Will she really marry ninth time? What are the combinations in her chart that make her legendary actress? What else do you see in chart? If you are an astrology student, please share your thoughts in terms of comments.

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  1. Joelle10:17 PM

    Great article! We were just discussing her at my last study class. Also, Jupiter aspects Venus by 9th aspect. I would say that she probably had a pretty hard childhood with Saturn in her third house even though it is in it's own sign. Her 12th house moon would make her pretty private about her emotions and feelings.

  2. Thanks Joelle for sharing your views. I didn't talk about Jupiter or any other planet because I wanted to keep it simple and to-the-point so that not to confuse the beginners who I was targeting with this article.

    Once again appreciate your comment.

  3. Nice article! All thanks to you.
    Also i think that Ketu in 11th house and Saturn in 3rd, gives her immense wealth. Well i may be wrong as i am only a beginner.

  4. Rakhi2:26 AM

    Really interesting!nicely done..

  5. Very nice and simple analysis. Thanks Punit.
    Moon in libra(lordship venus) that too in 12th house makes her romantic and exalted venus in 5th house(lord of 12th & 7th)will enhance the desire for multiple marriages.

    Sat-Jup(both powerful) in opposition will give her classical rajyoga, which is evident. Jup aspect on lagna makes her a soothing beauty. Sun-mars-mer combination at 4th , aspecting 10th makes her a good and witty artist.overall a very powerful horo.

  6. Posted on behalf of Mr. Dushyant Gautam, who left comment on my Google Buzz account -

    As per my knowledge that I have heard....

    If the Ascendant is having any connection or aspect by Jupiter (Guru) than in these case the native must have extra marital or post marital affairs but do not opt for a marriage.

    The native can only go for another marriage
    -if seventh house is having connection with house 6 & 12.
    -and second house is having connection with 11 house.

  7. Dushyant ji,

    Thanking for sharing the points.

    I am not aware of the Jupiter-Asc connection for extra-marital affair. Logically speaking, Jupiter is a saatvik planet and I do not understand why its connection with Ascendant can give extra-marital affair. Need to check on the charts availalbe.

    7th->6,12 and 2nd->11 looks logically correct. This is the KP rule as well.

    By the way, my interest was to showcase multiple marriages. I have few charts where people have married more than 3 times and the three rules mentioned were based on that observations. Those rules were classical, but also applicable in KP. For example, according to KP 7th sub lord connected with dual sign for multiple marriage.

    Do you have any charts for more than 2 marriages? Would be good to have a look at those

  8. Posted on behalf of Mr. Dushyant Gautam, who left comment on my Google Buzz account -

    in my previous comment I just want to add that only 7th house can not decide about multiple marriages. We have to consider 2 and 11 also as KP says.
    and if multiple marriage is not possible than the native will have multiple relations.

    If the Langa is in relation with Jupiter than the relations are hidden with in social limits and if Lagna does not have any relation with Jupiter than the native will have open multiple relations.

    The relation of Lagna with Jupiter saves native's social image....

  9. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Thank you for article and... questions for us, beginners. I guess that 7th house lord in 5 house gives power of creation of partnerships. Rahu empowers expansion. But 7th house lord is also 12 house lord, which causes “looses” of these partnerships.

    It would be very interesting to know what makes her legendary actress. Mo in Libra, empowered with gaja-kesari joga? Sa in own house, aspecting Venus? Su, 10th lord, aspecting 10th house?

  10. hello, can u give some points on native marrying wife's sister or husbands brother as it happens in india.