Sunday, April 08, 2012

AstroSage Cloud: Unlimited Birth Chart, Unlimited Horoscope Matching, Unlimited Free Reports

Most advanced online astrology software "AstroSage Cloud" is available now with unlimited birth chart saving, horoscope matching, mobile phone support, and many free reports.

We are pleased to announce “AstroSage Cloud” – the most advanced online Astrology System ever. Accurate calculations, comprehensive predictions, free reports, this is exactly the right software to meet the needs of astrologers and common man, ALL IN ONE. It’s extremely user-friendly and reduces brain-twisting calculations and judgments to simple procedures. Not just this, it’s available in two languages English and Hindi and is ALL FOR FREE!!
Here are some of the new features that you would love to explore: 

Unlimited Kundli (Birth Charts) saving 
This advanced software not only allows you to save, open, print birth charts of one but many. Save not just your chart but that of each family member, prospective grooms, brides, clients once and get various reports regularly. Get a relative picture and holistic overview, all at a click of a mouse. 

Simplified and User Friendly Horoscope Matching
Horoscope Matching is now simpler than ever before. Imagine how easy it get’s when you have the birth chart of all prospective partners all at one place, giving you a relative picture. ‘Gun Milap’ is easy as now you can match horoscope with existing saved charts as well as shared chart. There is no better way for horoscope matching than this and your comfort is our priority. 

Share Chart with Friends & Astrologers with Ease
Want to give your chart for horoscope matching? Or Want to share your chart with astrologer? Now you can do it in just one click. Forget the age old procedure of downloading, saving and then sharing multiple charts as attachments in mails one a time. Save time, using our multiple charts saving feature for Horoscope Matching and sharing the same with astrologers.

Have everything On Go with Mobile Phone integration (AstroSage App)
All the saved charts can now be accessed with our Astrology Mobile Software – "AstroSage Kundli for Android" If you have Android based Smartphone, enjoy integration with You will always have access to your horoscope and of those saved in your user id anywhere and everywhere. iPhone and Windows Mobile coming soon. AstroSage App for Android can be downloaded from Android Market. 

Take Notes & Record Client History
Now you can take notes on birth chart and store that in AstroSage Cloud. The notes can be accessed anytime from anywhere. 

Google Maps Support
If your birth place is a small city and you are not able to make your horoscope, no need for worry. Now with Google Maps integration, you can not only locate your place but also precisely get latitude/ longitude of exact addresses.

Hindi & English Language Support 
Everything is available not only in English but also in Hindi. You will not feel left out, if you prefer Hindi. 

High End - Security Guaranteed
We value your privacy and your security. This software is legal and there is no possibility of crack or hack of your user id. Checked for possible viruses it’s 100% clean and safe. Released after years of user testing and favorable comments from scholars we are happy to gift you software that meets all your needs.

Check AstoSage Cloud now.

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