Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Name According to Astrology

Name is not merely a group of alphabets, but it also contains the key to good luck, health, wealth and much more. Indian Swar Shastra (system based on the sound of the name) gives a lot of importance to the name. Numerology also gives a lot of importance to the name. At we have developed multiple systems that can help you selecting right name for your baby.

Babynames Database
"What will be the name of my baby as per astrology?" is the common question that each parent wonders. So what lucky name are you wishing to give to your baby? Still wondering? Just visit the given link and get thousands of baby names with their meanings. Check out our Hindi / Hindu/ Indian babynames database.

Astrological Baby Name Suggestion Tool
Also, Name Suggestion Tool will suggest you appropriate name for your child on the basis of astrology. And for finding appropriate name for your child you just have to fill in the details like date, time, and place of birth of your child. Doing this you will find exact Rashi (zodiac sign), Nakshatra, Pada or Charana of your baby and relevant name for that Rasi-Nakshatra-Charan combination. Giving appropriate name based on Astrology will certainly stimulate your child to be an impressive, decent, and successful person. It is you who can offer your child everything - fine health, wealth, success, and admiration, with just giving him or her a meaningful name based on Astrology. Don't wait, check our Astrological Baby Name Suggestion Tool now.

Both of the above services are absolutely free.

In case you are looking for professional baby name recommendation service, it is also available on

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