Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Learn Astrology on your Mobile Phone now with free Android app

Launch of "Learn Astrology" Android Application has given birth to the new form of astrology teachings. "Learn Astrology" offers free tutorials to the astrology students. Astrology lessons are available in Video, English Text and Hindi Text.

Astrology is one of the most fascinating subjects that almost everyone desire to learn. Learning astrology is not a piece of cake, it is deeply interesting and intricate at the same time. has made it easier for everyone to know astrology and be aware of all the astrological facts with the launch of their new “Learn Astrology” android application.

Click here to download this freeware Android App - Learn Astrology Android Application

“Learn astrology” application will enable you to travel through the wonderful world of astrology and learn all the things related to the subject. It is a user friendly application which means it is very comfortable to access and operate it. Learn astrology application includes three modes of teaching astrology which are audio-visual video mode, English tutorial mode and Hindi tutorial mode. All these three modes consists various lessons starting from the basic. A person who wishes to learn astrology may choose any of the convenient modes. Now learning astrology- the most widened and fascinating subject is just a click away. What else does anyone need?

Android App can be downloaded from Google Play market at Learn Astrology Android Application. Alternatively you can search "Learn Astrology" in Google Play App.

Note: This is Android App and we hope to release iPhone App / iPad App / Windows Mobile App in future. But right now these astrology lessons are only available on Web and Android.

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