Thursday, September 06, 2012

Rahukalam App for your Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

Know accurate Rahukalam on go with Rahukalam Android App from Mobile Phones and Tablets. Do not rely on rough Rahu Kaal calculation when you can get accurate Rahu Kaal calculation with one click.

AstroSage has reached one more milestone by launching its most accurate Rahukalam Android App. Rahu kaal, also known as Rahukalam in South India, is considered as a time, which is inauspicious. This time is ruled by astrological planet Rahu and it is advisable not to start any new work or to do any important work during Rahu kaal. So, it is better to be aware of the correct Rahu Kaal with respect of your place. But the question is, where to find such source which could give exact time of Rahu Kaal. AstroSage has come up with all the answers of such questions in ‘Rahukalam Android App’.

Rahukalam Android App has minimized the chances of inaccuracy to nil point. Most of the other apps in market use a common system of calculating Rahu Kaal. They simply calculate it by considering 6.00 A.M as the sunrise time irrespective of places. It is quite obvious that the time of sunrise differs from place to place. Rahu Kaal Android App is very specific regarding place of the native and the time of sunrise as well. It calculates the place as it is endowed with GPS system and therefore, the Rahu Kaal calculated by it is very precise. Accuracy and accessibility are two of its key features that you can count upon blindly.  

You don’t have to worry even a bit if you are at some small place because ‘Rahukalam Android App’ is integrated with Google Maps, which will allow the app to find your exact coordinates in fraction of seconds. You might think that you are out of reach of everyone but the reach of ‘Rahukalam Android App’ will surprise you. So, get ready to lose yourself in the deeper world without worrying about your place and time. This app will always be there to keep you aware of Rahu Kaal. 

To download Free Rahukalam App, Click here - Rahukalam Android App

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Note: This is Android App and we hope to release iPhone App / iPad App / Windows Mobile App in future. But right now these astrology lessons are only available on Web and Android.

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