Monday, September 29, 2008

Bomb Blasts in India: When is the Next One?

While analyzing Indian Varshpravesh chart for share market yesterday, few more important points came into my mind. One question I had was related to bomb blasts in India and is it going to end? Faizabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Delhi .. when it is going to end?

To answer this question, let us have a look at the chart. Currently Rahu dasa is running from 14th August to 8th October. Rahu is in 2nd house aspected by Sun from 8th. The 2nd and 7th house are called maraka in astrology, so the placement of Rahu cannot be regarded good. Further Sun is 12th from its own house and conjoined by Ketu making it weak. 8th house is the mortality, death and suicide in Mundane astrology. Placement of Sun and Ketu is also weakening the 8th house. Our sages described Ketu's nature similar to Mars. Mars and Sun both are fiery, violent, and aggresive planets. In my opinion, if malefic and associated with 8th house, this combination signifies the bomb attacks, suicide bombing and terrorist attacks. Famous Mundane astrologers late Shri J. C. Luthara writes in his book "Practical Mundane Astrology" for Ketu in 8th as follows –

"People will be afflicted and large number of them will die through violent crime including murder, dacoity, self-immolation, epidemics of very virulent nature, venomous reptiles, intrigues, deception, assassinations, accidents, sudden mishaps, poisoning, fire, plague etc."

The time this book was written, I believe, terrorism was not that major a problem otherwise we would definitely have found terrorism in the above list. Though seeing the description above, we can easily conclude that terrorist attacks are one of the significations for malefic Ketu in 8th. Fiery Sun is also adding the heat to it.

As we can see above, the planetary positions are not telling us any good story and India has to face terrorism for the whole year till 15th August 2009. Only ray of hope is strong Lagna which gives India courage and resources to fight against terrorism. Also I think placement of 8th lord Moon in Lagna with Jupiter is slightly positive. According to the classical astrology Moon with Jupiter in Lagna constitute Gaja Kesari yoga. We can also see some instant relief as Rahu dasa is ending on 8th October and Jupiter dasa is starting which will end on 26th November. Jupiter is very well placed in the chart and we may see more terrorist arrests in this dasa. Jupiter dasa will not only challenge terrorists but also take them behind the bar.

Will there be more bomb blasts/ terrorist attacks?
As you can see from the above analysis for 2008-2009, it is bound to happen. There are more challenges for India going forward. Ketu and Sun dasa are yet to come and this is the period we should be most cautious. Ketu dasa will be from 15th March 2009 to 05th April 2009. Sun’s dasa will be from 5th June 2009 to 23rd June 2009. This is the period where Indian government and Indians should be most cautious and careful.


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    you have used 26-11-08 in some context

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    this article was posted in september & forecasted a attack in 2009...but how did the attack happened in This November 08 got missed???

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    IT's fascinating that your forecast was bang-on, especially the one about terrorist attacks. The 26/11 was touched, but if the saturn dasa was dealt with more thoroughly, you could have worked wonders.
    but kudos to you, and congratulations!
    Keep it up!