Friday, August 15, 2008

Astrologers on Rakhi (Rakshabandhan) Muhurta

I recently read one article on Internet that suggests that the sisters should tie Rakhi on brothers' hand before 11 am on the day of Rakshabandan. The suggested reason is that the Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) is coinciding with Rakshabandhan this year. Grahan is not considered good for any auspicious event. The Lunar eclipse is starting from 11.53 pm and will end at 5.27am next day for the city that the article had been published. The article states though the eclipse is starting late night, no auspicious task should be taken 12 hours before and after it. Article further states that the condition is worsening as the eclipse coincides with the season of kalsarpa dosha which is a time for disasters.

In my opinion, this is another example of how astrologers unnecessary create panic and confusion in public's mind without talking anything specific. The eclipse, as mentioned, starts almost late night and defining it precisely 12 hours doesn't make any sense to me. Will the eclipse will suddenly start showing effects from one minute after 11am? In my opinion, if 11am is safe so does 12noon.

Also the point that it is coinciding with Kalsarpa dosha is ridiculous. Kalsarpa dosha in itself is not accepted by all astrologers and it is a topic of debate among astrologer community. There is no evidence of existence of this dosha in any of our classical texts. This is a known secret in astrologers fraternity that Kalsarpa doshs is a tool for scaring people and making more money by prescribing shanti and parihar. Kalsarpa dosha is a topic for another post but my suggestion is not to worry and continue your schedule without any fear and worry for eclipse or kalsarpa dosha. If you want so, though, you can follow the dincharya (daily routine) suggested for eclipse.

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