Thursday, August 28, 2008

Twin Births, Pregnancy & Lucky Names

What are the planetary combinations for the birth of twins? Can you predict whether the birth will be of twins?

Astrologically, Mercury is the principle planet behind twin birth. Dual signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are also responsible for it. Virgo though not technically a dual sign, but owned by a dual planet mercury also responsible for some duality. Shri JN Bhasin, a famous astrologer, was of opinion that the exchange between lagna and third house produce twins if these planets also happen to be dual planets. In my forum, I have found a chart which can be a good case study for the twins. The birth details are as follows -

Date of Birth: 20/11/1968
Time of Birth: 5.29 A.M
Place Latitude: 9:14 North, Longitude: 76:13 East

Here are the charts -

Analysis -
It would be good to note the influence of Mercury and dual signs in this chart. Some of the interesting points that can produce twins can be seen from this chart -

1. Lagna and Moon is conjoining Mercury, the planet of duality
2. Lagna and Moon is also conjoining Mercury in Drekkana, the shodashvarga chart for siblings
3. Dekkana lagna is Gemini, a dual rasi
4. Lagna lord in 3rd in dual sign saggitarius
5. Third house lord Jupiter, also a dual planet due to owner of two dual signs, is in Virgo
6. Jupiter is again in Virgo in Drekkana

Similarly, if you are applying these principles from the parents charts, you need to judge 5th house, the house for children, and check the influence of dual planet and dual signs on this house. You also need to check Saptamamsa, the shodashvarga chart for children.

I have written few articles on pregnancy recently, so though to share some other views as well. Here is one article on this subject.

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