Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birth Time Rectification & Verification - Part II

This post is in continuation to my last post Birth Time Rectification & Verification Techniques. Please go through that post first before reading this one. The previous post was about knowing whether one's Nakshatra is correct or not.

Man -Woman Janma Shuddhi
Convert the Ishta Ghatika into Palas (by multiplying Ghatikas with 60). Divide the same by 225. If the reminder is:
0 to 15 - male
16 to 45 - female
46 to 90 - male
91 to 150 - female
151 to 225 - male
These five groups represent , in their order male, female, male, female and male respectively.
Ishta Ghatikas are 56.12. If we convert it into palas it will be 56 X 60 + 12 = 3372.
3372 / 225 = 14 X 225 + 222. In other words if we divide the ishtakal in palas by 225, the reminder will be 222 which falls into 5th zone. Therefore the birth should be of a male.

In case the horoscope that we are using for verification is of a female, we can conclude that the time is not correct and needs some verification.

As this technique is based on Ishtakal, we can also use the distance between sun and ascendant for calculating the zone. If you don't know, Sun and Ascendant conjoins around Sunrise and Sun keeps moving away from ascendant. During sunset, Sun is around 180 degrees from Ascendant or roughly in 7th house. We can convert this formula in degree format for easy application. I'll try to write about converted formula sometime later.

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