Thursday, August 28, 2008

Planetary Combinations for IT/ Software Jobs

9 planets and 9 million jobs, finding the profession of a person is very daunting task for an astrologer. On top of that all the classical texts on this subject are outdated. For example, neither Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra nor Brihat Jatak talk about what are the combinations for a software engineer or a project manager. Surely we can draw parallel to the professions given in classical text, but in my experience, it doesn't work most of the time.

No research or study has been done to update those classical texts. In absence of any such research, it is very difficult to distinguish between planetary combinations for different professions. In this article (may be a series of articles), I want to talk about my experience on vocation astrology.

In this post, I want to talk about my favorite profession - IT & Software. Being a software engineer, I have a lot of horoscopes of the people in this field. Knowing this profession, I also know that there is a lot of scope of research in this field. Some of the research areas are contract position vs. full time position, planetary combinations for being on project vs. being on bench (without any project), date of getting a project/ contract etc. These are the questions that keep coming to me repeatedly.

Even in software, there can be various possible options e.g. network engineer, QA engineer, project manager, software developer, and business analyst etc. all of them have different work profile and job functions which makes judgment even more difficult.

Anyways, based on my research, I have found that two planets that are responsible for bringing person in IT, are Mars and Sun. Mars is a planet for engineering and Sun is the planer for information technology. I know that not all astrologers will agree with me on this, and there are astrologers who may suggest planet like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus as the planet for IT. Though in my research I have found that Mars and Sun are the primary responsible planets for IT. If these two planets are conjoining or aspecting each other, it gives some indication of a job in IT.

If the Mercury is involved, chances are that the person is hard core programmer. Mercury gives good analytical brain which is important for programming. Venus & Moon can make a person graphics or UI designer. Jupiter can make a person software architect. Saturn can make one a System Programmer. Mercury gives an eye of details and bring best of the Software Quality Engineers. Mars being the planet of leadership makes one a project manager or product manager.

Generally strong communication is one of the necessary skills in IT. So we need to judge 2nd house, the house of oral communication and the Mercury, the planet of communication. A strong 2nd house and Mercury contributed a lot to the career of an IT personnel.

The people in IT are generally from the same education background. So it is also advisable to study the impact of these planets on the 9th house, the house of higher education. Though most of IT courses are mathematics centric, you will find impact of Mercury and NOT Mars and Sun on 9th house.

I am sure some example will add a lot of value to this article. Iwill try to share some case studies on this subject soon. Keep watching ;-)

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  2. Sasisekaran ji,

    Why don't you try on the charts you have and and verify it yoruself. This study has been done over a period of time and the charts will at least be in three figures if we talk about the numbers. Compilation is a time taking process and that is the reason I have published just the outcome of the study. My busy schedule is prohibiting me to publish the detailed research.

    -- Punit

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    can u check... the combination of planets of this chart... 3rd july 1986 at 18:45 Nadiad (INDIA) do you see IT or electronics and comm??? this guy has studied both and rite now in IT profession.. but planning to go further in higher studies in Electronics and comm.. wht u see his future as????

  4. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Dear Panditji
    I read ur article with interest. Iam an Electronics Engineer who has worked in Chip design,hardware software etc for 20 yrs. I am also an astrologer through hobby. Read for 20 yrs and learnt by myself. My birth details are july7th 1960 birth place chennai 8.45 am.
    I am leo lagna person with Mars in aries,Sun in Gemini,with Merc(R)in cancer. Rahu in Suns sign in sun's star.
    I see charts not professionally but for friends.
    I generally feel Mars + merc shows Engg,sun added Public sector/Govt sector, Mars+sat+Merc Engg private, Mars+Merc+ Rahu research, Mars+Sun+Merc software, non research
    Am I right? Kindly help me and explain please
    I am without a job for the last 4 years after VRS. Nothing, whatever the attempt works.I tried even non-tech work. Is it due to badhaka 9th lord strongly placed in 10th house(negative of 9th)and i am running Mars dasa for the past 4 to 5 years?
    In what area can i work?
    please eagerly waiting for ur analysis and advice
    thanks and regards pras ,