Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ayurveda & Astrology

Ayurveda defined a detailed diagnosis methodology. It is called Ashtasthana Pareeksha or eightfold examination. It is said that a Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) can tell about the disease just Nadi examination and he doesn't require any instruments the way it is required by allopathy doctos now-a-days. Ashtasthana Pareeksha contains following examinations -

  • Nadi Pulse.
  • Moothram Urine.
  • Malam Faecal matter.
  • Jihwa Tongue-taste.
  • Sabdam Voice and speech of the patient.
  • Sparsham Touch, skin and tactile sense.
  • Drik Eyes and vision.
  • Akrithi General body build, eg: lean, muscular, etc.

Though the diagnosis methods are very well defined in Ayurveda, there are places where it can not solve the purpose. For example, it is not easy to determine the severity of the disease using above diagnosis methodologies. Also it can only tell about the present condition of the patient and it cannot through much light on past or future condition. This is the place where astrology can help immensely.

Astrology can prove an excellent tool to medical diagnosis. Not only diagnosis, astrological can also prove very useful in remedies by the usage of mantra, yantra, gems, havan, yagya etc. In case of illness, astrological remedies can work with Ayurvedic medicine to ensure recovery. Vedic astrology has given very high place in Ayurveda and Vaidyas are suggested to study astrology, if possible.

Here comes a problem. Though there are tons of classical texts both on vedic astrology and Ayurveda but none of them talk about using both of these sciences together. Now a days neither astrologers not Vaidyas have any clue how to use both the sciences together.

There are various Ayurveda authors who talks about astrology, but those are limited to studying horoscope and suggesting astrology remedies. They have no clue how to apply ayurvedic principles with astrology. Similarly, there are lots of books on medical astrology but none of that talk about relating astrological conditions to ayurvedic conditions. For example, there is no astrolgoy book that I know which can tell the vitiated dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) which is causing the illness. Till the time this can not be easily defined, treating disease is not going to be easy. There is no proper relation defined. The way planets, signs and nakshatras are the foundation of astrology, similarly rasas, dhatus and doshas are foundation of Ayurveda.

It doesn't mean that these relation is altogether missing. There are pointers given in various astrology texts but no body, as far as I know, ever tried to utilize them with Ayurveda. This is just an introductory post, in the following posts, I am planning to talk about my understanding of applying both of these sciences together. I would like to tell, that if applied together, it can do the miracles.

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