Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jadi for Graha Shanti

Tree Roots for Appeasing Planets (Planetary Propitiation)
While writing my last post about gemstones, I thought it would be good to share my views on other way of remedies as well. There are various methods for graha shanti, including but not limited to ratna (gemstones), jadi (tree roots), totke, puja, yagya, havan, yantra, tantra, and mantra etc. Many a times, these methods are used together with each other.
I personally don't suggest Ratna very often due to two reasons. One, gemstones are very costly and second, as mentioned in the last post, gemstones are not very effective in reducing the ill affect of the planet. Though Ratnas can be very well used to improve the power of good planets. I personally found jadis, lal kitab remedies and mantras are more successful for graha shanti.
Here are the Jadis for each planet -
Sun: Bel (बेल), Bent (बेंत)
Moon: Khirni Mool (ख्रिरनी मूल)
Mars: Anant Mool (अनन्‍त मूल)
Mercury: Vidhara Mool (विधारा मूल)
Jupiter: Banana Root (केले की जड)
Venus: Arand Mool (अरंडे मूल)
Saturn: Dhature Ki Jad (धतूरे की जड)
Rahu: Shwet Chandan (श्वेत चन्दन) or Nagarmotha (नागरमोथा)
Ketu: Asgandh (असगंध मूल)
The process of wearing jadis is similar to the process of warning gemstones. You can keep it in a cloth and put it either around the neck in a locket or tie it to your hand.

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