Thursday, August 07, 2008

The case of Pregnancy & KP System

Yesterday I showcased how we can use Saptamsa for doing detailed analysis on Pregnancy. Now using the same chart, I want to reemphasize the fact that divisions are very important in astrological analysis. Though this time, instead of using divisional chart, I want to use another divisions called Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System). Krishnamurti Paddhati uses 249 divisions of zodiac and the smallest unit is called sub. (expert may differ because there are sub-sub and sub-sub-sub etc. but I want to keep it simple) The zodiac is divided similar to the division we use for Vimshattari Dasa calculation. I don’t want to go into the mathematical detail of this division, as there are many KP astrology software available for calculation purpose. is a free software which can give you detailed KP calculations.

The question under consideration was related to pregnancy issue due to hormonal imbalance and as a result of that the native is not able to conceive.
Time of Birth: 4:00 PM IST
Date of Birth: 15-05-1982
Place of Birth: Hydrabad (India)

As per KP System, 2, 5 & 11 houses are conductive for child birth whereas house 1, 4 and 12, negation of previous said houses, are not considered good for child birth.

Also in KP system all zodiac signs divided into two parts as follows –
Fruitful Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Semi-Fruitful Signs: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, ad Sagittarius
Barren: Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo
Barren sings are also called sterile signs and are considered detrimental for the child birth.

Please note that I am using KP cuspal chart in this analysis. Now let us analyze the chart in the light of above mentioned KP System principles. The degree of 5th house comes under Saturn rasi, Mars Nakshatra and Rahu's sub. In traditional astrology, we generally consider only sign lord (Saturn in above case), but don’t use Nakshatra lord and Sub lord. Though in KP, we use all these planets. Saturn and Mars, cuspal sign lord and cuspal Nakshatra lord, both are gone to 12th house in KP chart which is malefic house and also 8th from the 5th house, not good for child birth.

The sub lord is the most important consideration for finding the possibility of happening the event, in this case child birth. Rahu, the sub lord of 5th cusp, is in Gemini in a barren sign, again shows the problem in progeny. As mentioned above, Barren sign are the sign which doesn’t allow child birth and should always be noted in case of the question of child birth. Rahu is in 9th house which is OK but in the Nakshatra of Jupiter who is in 1st house (12th to 2nd) and lord of 4th (12th to 5th – negation of 5th) and 7th. So even the KP system doesn’t give much hope in this case.

It is also worth noting that how all the systems give the same result. I personally prefer using multiple systems for cross-checking, though KP System is one of my favorite systems. Another point worth noting is that divisions are very important in astrological analysis and without using divisions, analysis is always going to be incomplete.

If time will permit, I'll try to demonstrate applicability and use of other astrological systems again using this chart.

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  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I liked your article
    just read it while searching pages on astrology
    i have a query if my usband wears a lapiz lazuli (laajwart) gemstone
    then can i wear ruby gemstone
    it will not have any negative effects on him

    many thanks
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  2. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Hi it will be interesting if you can analyse the same through the Lal Kitab system as it is the most unconventional system with amazing remedies. Also, if you can post-analysis suggest what remedies could be relevant in such a case.